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And a conversation that needs to happen is…

After everyone is alive and ok, Murasaki goes to apologize to Art for killing him when he was not himself.

Nice overhears.


"Wait, Nice, you didnt know?”

"Huh…he was kinda really badly hurt and between being worried for him and having other things on our minds we never asked Murasaki just what he did…anyway, MURASAKI YOU ACTUALLY KILLED HIM!?"


"He had every right to, Nice!"



"Fuck that!"

"Oi! Look, I was even apologizing for it but why are you mad? You forgave Art for killing you for a stupid-“

"Hey! my brother’s dream isnt stupid-"

"You think he wanted you to really kill Nice to achieve his dreams?"

"…point taken, I was stupid and confused thanks to Momoka."

"Yeah, and it’s all good now. So why are you that angry at me Nice?"

"…it’s different. He tried to kill me, and for Skill. You tried to kill him!”

"That makes no sense!"

"Oh? Then let me give you some sense!”

"Nice I purposedly made it so he wouldnt be in a usual state of mind so he’d do it! And the Minimum side effects were affecting his brain a little! N-Nice? Nice, let go of his neck right now!”

"Murasaki killed you, you killed me, so now let me just complete the circle by killing him too!”

"I dont think he’ll survive like we did!"

*Murasaki being choked*

(In the end Art manages to save Murasaki from Nice)

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Some preview cuts from the official twitter

How and where will each of their resolve(ego)s be concluded…

It seems Skill has grown up enough to wear young Art’s jacket. But where’s Nice’s current vest?

Wondering if that’s Skill or just Art when he arrived in Facultas (the hair is where his brithmark should be so I cant see that to be sure) but it’s probably skill

I’ve given up on the vest. Like Skills mole, they are just going to pretend that never happened.

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gdi Art

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no why

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今週末ディズニーランドへ行ってきます(*‘ω‘ *)

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Bridge to the Turnabout, ladies and gentlemen.

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(´・` )♡


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We actually get a stuttering Ukai apologizing while helping sensei back to his feet. Hooray

out of context “give’em a good one” sounds…interesting

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